The Falling Leaves

This is an archival website for music written, recorded, and/or produced by Dietrich Kammer.

The Songwriter


#note #tale #beach #sun #sea

Sleep and weep, the golden note
Was heard being sung by
A girl in the tavern here

I told the night to be quiet
So that I could hear that girl
Singing over there

What is a note that you never sang
You told me that you never sang
F Sharp in your life

I told you I needed you to sing my song
I wrote it without using
That note that you wouldn't sing

This is a tale that you shall never repeat
Not to a kid or any other guy
That you will meet

I woke up in the tavern at half past four
I went downstairs and still found the girl
Sitting on a chair

She did not see me, humming a song
Then she went outside and I followed her
Down to the beach

I swear I did not do a thing watching her undress
She sang to the sun that started
Rising behind the sea

She went into the water that was painted yellow red
By the sun and I started calling her
But I knew that she was dead

All that I wanted then was for her to sing that note again
Now I sit with you and I ask the same
Please do that favor for me