The Falling Leaves

This is an archival website for music written, recorded, and/or produced by Dietrich Kammer.

The Sinner


#gold #dress #mountains #waves

I dreamt of passion and gold in my lungs
I felt poison and tar on my tongue
I made a promise to myself
I wouldn’t swallow all that filth
Not a tiny bit of that filth

I made my way to the harbour at last
Driving fast and looking at your dress
You were stowed naked in the trunk
We reached the harbour at dawn
Knocking and screaming in the trunk

Aboard a ship I learnt how to steal
How to serve until I spilt
Blood upon the decks
We reached a place that was called
Gold harbour soul

I climbed off a ship that was all void of life
Just like the car that was swallowed by the waves
Everyone thought a demon had come
To seek all of them out
At gold harbour soul

The town folks looked at me as if I
Had made a promise not to die
As they rained down sticks and stones
On that poor body of mine
It hurts, gold harbour soul

I fled to the mountains where they wouldn’t go
They say there lives a guy with a crow
Who feasts on human flesh
Oh gold harbour soul
Won’t you have mercy on me

I’m a sinner sitting terrified in a cave
A trail of blood leads outside into the rain
There’s no hell left for me
I have my own and it’s called
Gold harbour soul

The sound of waves woke me up from a dream
The dream turned back to a cabin on a ship
I searched and found the first mate
He said we were headed to a place that was called
Gold harbour soul

I contemplated the waves for a while
They could drown me away from the face of the earth
Then I thought maybe I could
Start over in a town that was called
Gold harbour soul