The Falling Leaves

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Gavin Roth


#lottery #bar #distance

Gavin Roth won the lottery
For that he was shot down in Victorville
He was found in his car
The wheels still spinning against a wall

Sometimes you don’t want to sell bullets to a kid
Sadly it’s true that you meet everyone twice in your life
A lottery ticket worth a hundred and twenty bucks
A small bar at night and some really bad luck

The stereo of his car was still turned on
Blasting David Bowie to serenade him home
What do you make of a guy who calls himself brown cow
You either find it funny or off you should go

Now my mind still plays tricks on me
Thinking Gavin was still there over the great sea
I heard of the incident 4 or 5 months too late
Distance makes bad news not travel very fast