The Falling Leaves

This is an archival website for music written, recorded, and/or produced by Dietrich Kammer.



#beauty #world #creature

There is a notion of a world
Stripped off of all faults and pain
I’m obsessed with the thought
That all faults need to be extincted

Without the creature that is called man
There would be no faults and pain

My brain has just this focus
And it shrinks down to the size of a nut shell
I try to keep my anger within
As I’m looking over the rim

I’m focused on this thing
A creature that is no man
It creeped out of its cage
Let’s hunt it back again
Into the gloom where it came from

I see an incredible deformed thing
So deranged that I’m scared to look
I’m convinced that it’s alright
If it’s going to be extincted

And he’s killed again
And again until he’s dead
He appeared to be a threat
To beauty and to the whole of mankind