The Falling Leaves

This is an archival website for music written, recorded, and/or produced by Dietrich Kammer.



#waves #smile #light

Gone are the days when God was awake
And gone are the nights with the streets full of lights

Embrace the night
And pray for light

I will be a good, good boy
If the world was a shoe, then I will be the sole

And my soul is tread upon till it’s gone
And ghosts will roam my home
With their blankets on their heads
And two holes for the eyes
And a cut-out as a smile

I want to see the earth from the moon
With my shoes in the dust and God making a fuzz

The earth will shake and wake
Up to a roaring sound
And waves and earthquakes
And signals from the sky

You and me will enter our ark
On the moon and fly back to an earth void of cries (84)

So that no soul will ever be tread upon
Never again, anymore
Never again, anymore