The life is lonely when you’re dead
Unless you’re going to hell
Life is money, life is threats
Painful love and also debts
Games played and battles fought
And love is the biggest of faults
It is gruesome and it is cold
If you’re never loved

Got a picture on my wall
That you sent me
And it shows a black cat

Then the cat turns into stone
And my heart turns back into a cat
And then it goes astray and it’s run over
By the next car going by

Got a picture on my wall
And it shows
Bob Dylan at a window

And he’s saying little cat
He’s saying little cat won’t you stay here with me
Cause life is lonely when you’re alone and hanging on a wall

Then I took the picture down
That you sent me
The one of the black cat

Bob Dylan stayed a while
Bob Dylan stayed a while then the wind blew his picture down
Bob where did you go?
Bobby where did you go, did you go looking for the little black cat

Cause life is lovely when you’re dead
And you have met a black cat

released on
White As Chalk

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picture, threats, debts