I am really, really brain-dead
Like a zombie without his food
I am really, really sorry
To be honest with you
When you come into the attic
You will find me hanging there

And then you’ll be announcing
All the problems in your brain
But I won’t be listening because I
Have no brains left to fry

When you come into the attic
I will be hanging there
Pouring all of my sorrows
Into a bottle of despair
Yet you will never drink from it
Even when you’re completely parched

Now I can only grunt
To make me understood
I am really, really hungry
Let me take a bite from you
Then I’ll go back to lurking
In the attic where it’s calm

And then I’ll be announcing
All my problems and my pain
But you won’t be listening because then
Everything will come to an end
I cannot believe the messy state
In which this attic is
And once I will have found my rope
Please kick the chair that’s over there

released on
Universal Laws

running time

branch, nail, silence