Cheap liquor sticks in my throat
Let me tell you a story that I wrote
It's not too short and it's not too long
Just alright for a song
First there's a girl, that is you
Then there is some guy you might know
That girl was really pretty, quite a treat for the eyes
He couldn't stop looking at her thighs

He fell in love and then fell out
Fell in again, without a doubt

Have you got some money left
Just to water my throat with gold
So that I can sing you the second verse
Without lies and in simple words
The girl was pretty sure there had to be a better man
And left the guy standing out in the rain
The rain poured down heavy on him
But the earth did not stop to spin
Likewise the love in his heart remained
He thought it would vanish, but it ain't

Now if the third verse breaks your heart
I'm sure you have someone to fix it up
I will bathe in a pool of light
If my mind is satisfied
The boy might ache and long and cry
Then it will be all deaf, dumb and dull
With cheap liquor stuck in my throat
Every shadow is erased from my soul

released on
Open Heart Surgery

running time

throat, love, girl, earth