We didn't make it through the winter
We didn't try to do our best
It seems to me now that the winter
Is just not made for us
Don't blame it all on the winter
Things can fall apart all the time

Dig me another hole
So we can crawl in there and doze

Now your mind it goes around in circles
Circles that don't ever seem to close
If you would step out of these circles
You would see that they're already closed
Let me meet you in a circle
The one that's only drawn for us

What you do inside a hole
Is up to you and the snow
The snow that begins to cover your hole
Where you can sleep off all the fears
Don't forget now that the hole
Should be made large enough for two

I'll climb inside your hole
If you want me to

I think we can make it through the winter
And see what lies beyond

released on

running time

circles, hole