Will you bend down the branches of the next tree you see
Make them bend so that they break and you can bring them home to me
I confess I made a mess with the troubles I produced
I'd rather cut off my own hand than have a fingernail replaced
I'm always torn with the decisions that I have made in life
If I could I'd change them all and then I'd take it from the top

I see many people here, that have just moved in
Do they see the cracks or do they overlook them like they should

When you come I will be gone into the silence of a song
And while you think that that's an illusion
I'll start again without confusion
Nothing no one start again

Now I will wait here on the scene
Until the cracks will show again
A nail falls off deformation stays
For open hearts it's much too late
To be sewed up and beat again
Nothing no one start again

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branch, nail, silence