I leave a notion on a tree
I leave a puzzle on your lap
I bring forth the demon's handcuffs
I shake the tree of the galaxy
Until all of the stars fall down
They are as ripe as your lips tonight

Oh, the masters of confusion
They bring me all the poison
Oh, I can't understand the brothers
Who are seeking life in others
I'm waiting here to catch a star for you
Believe the words that I'm telling you

The circle makes me sick, the thunder's child
Is coming home for midsummer's eve
And greets the lightning and rumbles naive
He's cast behind the trail of carnival folks
Where despair and longing is born
I open my mouth, but there is no sound

I bring you the word
No one is born with a sword

You should love the ocean
And you should love the world
And this is all, that I've been told

released on
The Masterpiece

running time

tree, masters, ocean, stars