Old man is sitting by the side of the hill
I feel despair is coming in, as he grins
The little girl's eyes are looking pretty wet
But neither does he grin, nor does she weep
He's just gently smiling, that's why it seems
In return she is crying, but she's just a little sad and shy

Old man is still sitting at the place where he sat
Tommorrow's rain gonna chase him away
Next time I see him sitting there, I'll greet him, I swear
And say a nice word, to the girl with the sad eyes

Old man is having the sun shining in his face
My fast walk makes me sweat, the little girl's walk home makes her smile
And then I'm thinking, it is all worth the while

Today the place where the old man sat is an empty space
And maybe he's never coming back for to see
What the sky is holding back for you and me

What is the man thinking, as he looks into the sky?
The city beneath his feet, on the hill that I climb
And then I'm thinking, it is all worth the while

released on
The Masterpiece

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girl, sun, hill