In Italy, when it's getting dark
The moon won't set if dogs bark
And I think the moon is good
He won't set if he's not in the mood
And I think you come real close
Your moon took an overdose

I want you to recognize
All the lessons you learnt in life
They won't mean anything to you
If dogs bark in your shoes

I want to settle down
As the mayor of this town
And when I fly to mars
I'll be greeted by the stars

And when I rise, high above into the skies
Send no letters, send no letters

And have you ever thought?
All the money is it worth
To be re-elected
Or to be rejected

And when you rise, high above into the skies
Don't wait for letters, don't wait for letters

released on
Corroded Bone

running time

Italy, moon, dogs, skies