I have nothing in my pockets except for the wine I brought
And when you turn off your colors I'll be gone
You're smiling like a child, that's waiting for the snow
And when it finally falls you'll be gone

God is having lots of fun
Creating flavours for your tongue

People moving freely through the other people on the street
Then the night will call them home and they'll be gone
I see you shooting a movie, in the hot sun of June
I discard all my decisions and walk away

God is having lots of fun
Believing people on the run

I built a fire exit in the building of the world
And when you try to escape it will be locked
The world's not really on fire, it's just the glow of the fireworks
Come follow me tonight onto the streets

God is having lots of fun
Mocking losers when they're down

I breathe the summer tunes, that you brought into the room
I choke on the flowers that you have cooked
I stomp the fire out, that I saw burning in your eyes
They will no longer be a light to me

God is having lots of fun
Creating rhythms with his drum

released on
Corroded Bone

running time

wine, God, fire