Give me all the bees, all the bees in this world
Give me the flowers for them to live upon
Breathe the night into my side
Break a tooth from my jaw and keep it for good luck
Or you might even make a necklace out of all my teeth
So that I can finally bite into your breast

I saw the night, I dug for more, but then I closed the cabin door
A deserted cabin on a train, it cries for a companion
I talk to the fog outside, that dissolves when I come too close
Are you not just like that fog, rising from the ground in tiny drops
Your sister is the dew, your brother is the rain

I spoke to your sister once and wet she kissed me on the lips
Your brother chased me down a road, all far away from home

Your brother turned into a hailstorm then, the flowers are all gone
In consequence the bees have all flown away,
I can still hear the humming as they went
Here on the ground in the morning, your sister comforts me
But in the end she is but just a drop of water on this glowing stone

Give me all the flowers for the bees to return
Your sister evaporates right now, from the fire that is me
And with a sound from hell of burning flesh, she turns into a new fog

La la la lei la lei, la la la lei la lei
La la la lei la lei, lei, lei, la lei

released on
Blackened Bones

running time

teeth, flowers, train