Are you a loner or are you gold,
I don’t know but I was told
That all the monsters take their heads off
When darkness falls, but I don’t know why

Are you a monster or are you blind,
I don’t know but I would sing
Anyway until darkness falls
And monsters roam the land without their heads

Can you help to make my kite,
Fly high enough to touch the sky
So I won’t be the first one
To leave this world on a song, just like this one

I made a mistake to let you go
With a word on your tongue
That you would tell anyone
With a soul, just to make it go

I know the monsters are all blind,
Because their heads are in our minds
And we also will be be monsters
Until we take off our heads and become saints

released on
Blackened Bones

running time

darkness, sky, gold