Morning birds, it feels like words
in my mind
As they take off into the sky

They brought me the sun
and a new day, today
Still sleepy, as I slowly wake up

My window shows me pictures
of a world that is outside
Yawning, as I get ready to step outside

The world slowly unfolds and expands
in the front of my eyes
Still in my dream, or for real, I don't mind

Cause for the first time
The meaning, has washed itself away
And for the second time
I'm not sure, that I will stay
It's a rush, that I'm going through
I'm feeling so relieved
And all of those morning birds
Are singing all for me

It's the same street, I'm walking down
Each and every day
But today it feels so different
In a way

I see the world through the eyes
of a morning bird
As I take off into the sky

released on
Preludes & Nocturnes

running time

sun, sky, street, dream